Because the world is in OUR hands:

-Stress levels are debilitating; life is exhausting. 
-Human beings are very far from our innate state of peace; people are under tremendous pressure.
-Divorce rates are up almost 252% in the past 2 decades.
-The World Health Organisation is reporting one suicide globally every 40 seconds.
-Suicide is the 2nd biggest killer of our young people. 

..And the powers that be call it mental illness. Politicians are absolutely not going to fix this - it's just not in their interest. In fact the truth about stress & anxiety has been witheld from us for centuries. For if we know our power they would not be able to manipulate and control us to their own ends.

We're also doing it because we know we must all act now:

-If we are not part of the solution we are part of the problem and humanity is running out of time.

And we want Mindjoga to be accessible to everyone.

(But mostly it's for special evolutionary beings like you!)

Stress & anxiety are not illnesses:

-They are human evolution trying to take place - if only more people were aware of this.

With our Mindjogi Membership; for less than the price of one yoga class a week you receive:

INCLUDED: Our 'Change Your Mind' 28 Day Online Journey
INCLUDED: Our 'Change Your Life' 28 Day Online Journey
INCLUDED: All of our books
INCLUDED: Unlimited Mindjoga online meditation classes

And much, much more including:

-Access to our Mindjogi Members area to share your progress and ask questions
-Our blogs & newsletters
-Healing podcasts
-Special deals on other evolutionary energy healing modalities

That is 000's of $$ free

All we ask is you stay with us for at least 12 months

Through the practice of Mindjoga you will:

-Find the peace of the monks in just 28 days (it takes them 20yrs!)
-Soothe your exhausted adrenals
-Over-ride stress triggers which stop you moving forward
-Eliminate anxiety
-Stop negative thinking
-Eliminate destructive habitual patterns
-Learn to tend deep emotional wounds
-Move from swimming in the mud of hard change to effortless transformation
-Turn negative self-talk & reactions into positive self-talk & responses
-Feel good, smile again, sleep better
-Re-program your neural pathways
-Begin the process of self de-hypnosis
-Learn to read the signs which guide you toward the life you were born to live
-Open up to your life purpose
-Make compassion and kindness a way of life
-Learn to love yourself
-Drop guilt
-Stand up for yourself
-Improve your relationships
-Walk away from toxic people and situations
-Form positive beliefs around money
-Gain clarity and focus
-Become 'unstuck'

Nothing to lose - everything to gain!

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